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StrikeTwo is an annual summit where we connect bright minds in business, government, research, NGOs, and start-ups to tackle the biggest challenges facing our food system.

2020 has certainly come with its own set of challenges, but we’ve embraced the opportunity to make this summit fully digital and even more globally accessible. Are you a change maker? Does the status quo make you shiver?

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Digital Masterclass on September 24th and 25th

Our Blockchain Masterclass is back! Check out the website for a detailed learning plan and how you can begin to integrate blockchain into your business!

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SDG 12:

Responsible consumption and production

Based on Europe Sustainable Development Report we can see that more than a half of EU countries, including The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, United Kingdom etc. are in the position of major challenges remain for having responsible consumption and production. Meanwhile, other countries like Spain, Hungary, France, Greece etc, are currently in a better situation of significant challenges remain for SDG 12. 

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Smartphone technologies are joining to fight against food fraud

The FoodSmartphone project aims to develop smartphone-based (bio) analytical measurement and diagnostic tools to simplify rapid pre-selection of food on site. Nielsen explains that the project is aimed at developing a device that can be connected to the buyer’s smartphone to check for allergens, pesticides and whether the product is organic. The team hopes to give customers the opportunity to test food on the shelf.

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