Rewarding sustainability in the food system

On behalf of FFA Chairman Janez Potočnik, the speakers, and the FFA Strategic Partners, thank you for joining our event on Monday, October 26, to discuss rewarding sustainability in the food system, the functioning of the price mechanism in the food chain, and how to pay for greater biodiversity protection and climate action. 

If you missed parts of it or wish to look back, you can find the full discussion on the link below.

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The audio of the conference will also be available soon on our podcast channel. You can listen to the conversations on the go, at any time you like.

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Clearly, rebalancing price mechanisms in the food system, especially when it comes to greater rewards for biodiversity and climate action, will be among the most difficult things to achieve given the number of conflicting interests as well as the need to keep food markets functioning during the transition. However, as FFA Chairman Janez Potočnik  reminded the audience: “We all win or lose together. It is not any more about if and what needs to be done, but rather about how we will do it.” 

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